2016 Auspicious Dates to Purchase Property

2016 Auspicious Dates to Purchase Property


Property Purchase
House Purchase
For Purchase
For Purchase
14th January (Thursday) 06:43 to 27:55+ Purva Bhadrapada Panchami, Shashthi
04th February (Thursday) 19:18 to 25:30+ Mula Ekadashi
12th February (Friday) 09:16 to 30:39+ Revati Panchami
03rd March (Thursday) 18:04 to 30:30+ Mula, Purva Ashadha Dashami
04th March (Friday) 06:30 to 29:32+ Purva Ashadha Dashami, Ekadashi
17th March (Thursday) 09:32 to 30:21+ Punarvasu Dashami
07th April (Thursday) 06:07 to 26:22+ Revati Amavasya, Pratipada
15th April (Friday) 22:03 to 30:02+ Ashlesha Dashami
28th April (Thursday) 05:55 to 21:03 Purva Ashadha Shashthi
20th May (Friday) 24:41+ to 29:48+ Vishakha Purnima
09th June (Thursday) 07:31 to 29:48+ Ashlesha Panchami, Shashthi
10th June (Friday) 05:48 to 23:35 Ashlesha, Magha Shashthi
08th July (Friday) 12:44 to 29:54+ Magha, Purva Phalguni Panchami
14th July (Thursday) 06:52 to 29:56+ Vishakha Dashami, Ekadashi
15th July (Friday) 05:56 to 26:08+ Vishakha, Anuradha Ekadashi
12th August (Friday) 15:01 to 20:17 Anuradha Dashami
26th August (Friday) 18:13 to 30:04+ Mrigashirsha Dashami
01st September (Thursday) 06:04 to 30:04+ Magha, Purva Phalguni Amavasya, Pratipada
02nd September (Friday) 06:04 to 12:26 Purva Phalguni Pratipada
16th September (Friday) 07:39 to 29:39+ Purva Bhadrapada Purnima, Pratipada
06th October (Thursday) 06:05 to 11:41 Anuradha Panchami
07th October (Friday) 14:26 to 19:41 Mula Shashthi
20th October (Thursday) 06:07 to 22:15 Mrigashirsha Panchami, Shashthi
04th November (Friday) 08:51 to 30:11+ Mula, Purva Ashadha Panchami
10th November (Thursday) 06:13 to 26:56+ Purva Bhadrapada Dashami, Ekadashi
18th November (Friday) 06:17 to 28:16+ Punarvasu Panchami
09th December (Friday) 10:12 to 30:29+ Revati Dashami, Ekadashi
29th December (Thursday) 06:38 to 30:39+ Mula, Purva Ashadha Amavasya, Pratipada
30th December (Friday) 06:39 to 13:13 Purva Ashadha Pratipada


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